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Hi! I'm Lizzie and this is my team. You may know me as Pixie Lizzie, as I have been planning vacations and selling travel for many years. I have helped thousands of families discover the magic of Disney. I have expanded my agency and hand-picked a small, select group of individuals who I know will take excellent care of our clients. We provide premium, concierge service suited for any budget. We call ourselves Platinum Mouse. We all love Disney, but are also quite fond of Universal Studios and all-inclusive resorts like Sandals and Beaches. And we book most major cruise lines, as well.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the best personalized travel service. We want your family to have the most magical vacation, creating wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Platinum Mouse is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner
Platinum Mouse is a Disney Earmarked Gold Producer

Team Platinum Mouse

Select an agent to help you plan your magical vacation. And remember, when you book with Platinum Mouse, our help is free!

Lizzie Reynolds

Lizzie Reynolds

Owner / Agent
Hi, I’m Lizzie. I am an experienced Disney Vacation Planner and I will help you plan the vacation of a lifetime. I know the parks and resorts well, because I visit Walt Disney World every 2 months and take a Disney cruise and visit Disneyland at least once a year. All of my vacation planning help is free when you book with me. Helping families plan their vacations is a passion of mine and I would love to help you plan your family’s vacation. Does someone in your family have food allergies? Well, my daughter has severe dairy, peanut, and tree nut allergies. I will walk you through the entire process and send you tips. Now, let’s plan some magic! Request a quote from Lizzie
Bre at Disney World

Breanna Hutson

Vacation Planner
Hi! My name is Bre and it’s safe to say I’m a Disney fanatic. I have two young sons and am proudly raising them to be Disney kids. Living in South Carolina, within driving distance of WDW, I have been known to pull off a last minute weekend trip, if my family will allow it! To me, there is nothing like the feeling of walking down Main Street and seeing the Cinderella Castle for the first time on a trip! When my husband and I got married, we decided that we wanted to create memories through trips with our children and our favorite place to do so has been Disney World. I have always loved Disney, but had no idea I could fall in love with its’ magic all over again through the eyes of my son. Seeing the look on his face as he hugged his favorite characters is something I will never forget. My family has enjoyed making memories together in the most magical place on earth, and I look forward to helping you plan your dream vacation to experience all the magic Disney has to offer! Request a quote from Bre
Amanda Swinson - Platinum Mouse Vacation Planner

Amanda Swinson

Vacation Planner
Hi! I'm Amanda, and I've been a Vacation Planner with Platinum Mouse since 2018. Disney is a passion of mine and I would love to share my knowledge and help you and your family plan a magical vacation of your own. I have years of firsthand experience traveling to the Disney Parks and Resorts on both coasts, and it would take several hands to count all the trips I've taken, as well as Universal Orlando Resort. If someone in your family has food allergies, I can help you with that as well - I have years of experience traveling with food allergies, as my daughter has severe food allergies. In addition to years of personal travel, I complete additional coursework from Disney and Universal on a regular basis to keep my knowledge current on all Destinations you can book with me. You can draw on my expertise without having to spend hours of your time researching it! We will partner together to create a plan of action so you have a well thought out Disney or Universal experience. The best part is all of my help is free! I look forward to helping you plan your vacation! Adventure is out there! Request a quote from Amanda
Chelsea Pollard - Travel Planner with Platinum Mouse

Chelsea Pollard

Vacation Planner
Hello there! I'm Chelsea, I'm a nurse and I love all things Disney as well as Universal. I have been going to Disney since 1988 and Universal since 1991. It's a passion that has created so many wonderful memories. The first family vacation we ever took was at Walt Disney World and we didn't have many more vacations with my father after that. He served in the military for 40 years working hard every day, providing for his family. He believed that working hard in the present will secure his retirement in the future. He never took time off and we never went without anything growing up. In the months leading up to his retirement, he even purchased one of those big Diesel motorhomes. He was going to drive across every state and see it all!  The last family trip we had together was my father walking me down the aisle at Disney to give me away at my wedding on January 4th. He passed away unexpectedly the following month on February 4th, never being able to travel to all the places he wanted to go.... I quickly realized time does not wait for anybody and how incredibly important it is to spend time with the ones you love NOW. You don't know how much time you have left with them. I dug into my passion and turned my "hobby"  into an opportunity. When I met my husband, he had never taken a vacation in his whole career and was a workaholic to the extreme, he still is but I made a promise that both of us will not have the "I'll sleep when I'm dead" motto. I make sure his vacation hours are used. We all know a job can be stressful at times and at some point, we even get a little burned-out for a time. Now matter how hard life gets, don't let it envelope you. Don't let it take you away from what matters, your health and family. You work hard in life no matter what your job is and you deserve a break from it no matter how big or small. You earned that PTO and vacation time. It's yours, use it. Another fun fact about me is I'm also a Below-the-Knee amputee. I'm quite familiar with accessibility for guests with disabilities in the parks with personal on hand experience. I always stay up to date on the latest news and updates to keep my clients informed of everything they need to know before they arrive. I assist with all parts of the planning process at no additional cost to you. Whether you are going for a family vacation, weekend getaway or an adults only trip, I customize your trip to fit your needs.(read more) Request a quote from Chelsea
Renee Wild - Platinum Mouse Vacation Planner

Renee Wild

Vacation Planner
Hi! My name is Renee Wild. I have been going to Disney since I was 10 years old. My dad grew up going to Disney World and shared that with us, and now I've been sharing the magic with my own kids. Disney is much more than a theme park to me; it's a place I look back and remember special memories as a kid, and experiencing my husband's first trip with him, and seeing our kids’ faces light up at the sight of seeing the castle or Mickey Mouse. To me, there is nothing more magical than that point of the night where everything becomes dark and the castle is beautifully lit up, you are surrounded by people you love and then the music begins for the fireworks. This is the moment that brings me to tears each time!... We have stayed at many of the resorts, eaten at many, many restaurants and have learned some very useful tips along the way! I look forward to helping create memories for you and your loved ones! With all of the options Disney provides, I would love to work together building your dream vacation!(read more) Request a quote from Renee
Angela Franklin Vacation Planner with Platinum Mouse

Angela Franklin

Vacation Planner
Hi, I’m Angela. I am an experienced vacation planner who has been traveling to Disney for over 40 years, and I have been booking travel for over 20 years.  I am a Registered Nurse and a mom to 2 wonderful boys, and they have a passion and love for all things Disney like their mom!! I would love to help you plan a magical Disney vacation of a lifetime! My passion and knowledge will help you get the most magical experience possible from your vacation. I will be available every step of the way to help with all of your needs such as hotel reservations,  FastPasses, park tickets, dining reservations, special events, cruises, or any advice or assistance you might need! I’m here to help plan before you depart and will also be available if questions or needs arise during your vacation.... I also specialize in Universal Studios, Sandals, and other cruise lines.  Feel free to contact me for all your travel needs!  Best of all... the concierge service that I offer is all FREE to you and your family when you book with me. Whether it’s your small, immediate family or a large, extended family,  I am here to help you every step of the way! Memories are priceless!! I love to make people’s dreams come true so let’s start planning!! (read more) Contact Angela for a free quote
Renee Kuzma - Travel Planner with Platinum Mosue

Renee Kuzma

Vacation Planner
Hi I am Renee! As a vacation planner for Platinum Mouse,  I will help you plan the vacation of your dreams!  I am a mother of three young children,  we love to travel to “Mickey’s House” every chance we get.  My passion is for family travel and as an experienced travel with multiple small children, I can help with even the smallest details. By sharing my knowledge of all things Disney- transportation, parks, cruises and adventures.  I will be involved as much as you wish from planning park days to character buffets and all of the magic between.  Together, we can create magical memories for your family! All of my magical planning is free to clients; I look forward to helping make your travel wishes come true. Request a quote from Renee
Dawn Shipe - Vacation Planner - Platinum Mouse

Dawn Shipe

Vacation Planner
My love of travel began as a child which began with long road trips. I still love being on the road and seeing new things and meeting local people. Once I started working, I traveled as much as I possibly could. Venturing everywhere from Europe to cruising all over the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Canada, but I discovered a profound connection in DisneyWorld. Immediately, it was as if I found home and a portal to magic, all things being possible and creativity. I was hooked. My Mom was my travel companion most of my life. Now she has Alzheimer’s and lives with myself and my husband so all travel includes Mom which can be tricky. Generally now we travel with family friends who also have a senior citizen, someone with serious health conditions and another person who has disabilities. Combine that with my peanut/tree nut allergy and we have found ways to travel encompassing comfort and safety for everyone. Planning and organizing is in my DNA as I spent most of my life as an Executive Assistant. Now, I have my own small business creating natural soap, bath and body products and candles as well as get to enjoy helping families book incredible magical vacations. Request a quote from Dawn

Shannon Walter

Vacation Planner
Allison Petty - Vacation Planner at Platinum Mouse

Allison Petty

Vacation Planner
Hello! I am Allison, a vacation planner for Platinum Mouse. I am a stay at home mom to three kids and the proud wife of an active duty service member. My family and I travel to Walt Disney World multiple times a year. Living in Florida provides us the opportunity to make magical family memories more frequently. My daughter loves all things princess, my boys are into Star Wars, and my husband and I enjoy hitting up the festivals at Epcot. We also love to participate in the runDisney Marathon and Star Wars weekends. Over the years, Disney has become our safe haven as we learned how to navigate the parks with my EOE child safely. Watching my child eat safely and freely has been magical! I also have a child with sensory issues creating the need to learn to navigate parks while keeping the experience from being overwhelming. Whether you need help navigating the Disney parks, a fun adventure at Universal Studios, an all-inclusive stay at Sandals or Beaches resorts, or prefer to relax on one of the major cruise lines, I can help plan the vacation of your dreams. My services are free, and I will walk you through every step of the way! At Platinum Mouse, we strive to provide the best personalized travel service. We want your family to have the most magical vacation, creating wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. I look forward to helping make your family vacation dreams come true! Request a quote from Allison
Brandy Mousel - Travel Planner at Platinum Mouse Vacations

Brandy Mousel

Vacation Planner
Hi, I'm Brandy! I am a military spouse (USN) for 19 years and mother of twin boys for 10 years.  I have been navigating travel for my family for many years all while managing multiple food allergies and special needs (autism, epilepsy, etc..) for my boys. Request a quote from Brandy
Cynthia O'Heron - Travel Planner with Platinum Mouse

Cynthia O'Heron

Vacation Planner
Hello! My name is Cynthia and I am a Vacation Planner for Platinum Mouse. I am also a wife and mom to two Star Wars fans!  I have many years of experience booking corporate and family travel, as well as experience with special needs and multiple food allergies.  My family has traveled to Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Universal Studios many times.  I would love to share my knowledge of the parks, hotels and restaurants with you, as well as help you plan and make decisions about when to go (Food and Wine, Flower and Garden Festivals), where to stay, explain dining plans, Memory Maker and Disney's Magical Express!  All of my vacation planning is completely free when you book with me, ...and I can save you time, stress and money by booking early and watching for Disney promotions!  I will help you make the most of your trip with fast-passes for rides, attractions and shows, and dining reservations!  I remember our first trips and how long we waited in lines when we didn't know about fast-passes, being turned away when we tried to go into a Disney restaurant without a reservation, and being overwhelmed when trying to figure it all out.  It's never too soon to start planning; the sooner the better!  I can’t wait to help your family make magical memories to last a lifetime!!(read more) Request a quote from Cynthia
Michele Handley - Platinum Mouse Vacation Planner

Michele Handley

Vacation Planner
Hi there! My name is Michele Handley and I am a vacation planner with Platinum Mouse! I am a mother of two, step mother of one and Grandmother to a beautiful little girl. I like to say I have two boys and a princess. I have been married to my husband Bill for 20 years. He is a Police Lieutenant here in the Los Angeles area. I am a California native having lived in Los Angeles County my entire life. Disney has always been in my blood, so to speak. My Uncle, John Hench, was an original Imagineer, working directly with Walt starting in 1939. He was an exceptional artist having worked on several early Disney films including Fantasia and 2000 Leagues Under the Sea. He helped design Space Mountain, Cinderella's Castle, Snow Whites Grotto and much more. He was also Mickey Mouses official portrait artist. With that kind of history I couldn't help but be a lover of all things Disney! Now I get to help people have the most magical Disney experiences as a Platinum Mouse vacation planner. Contact me today and let me help you plan the most magical of vacations! Request a quote from Michele
Bambi Fuller - Platinum Mouse Vacation Planner

Bambi Fuller

Vacation Planner
Hi! I'm Bambi, and yes, that is my real name! I am a Vacation Planner for Platinum Mouse and I would love to help you plan your magical vacation!! Growing up in Daytona Beach, I have been visiting the theme parks in Orlando for as long as I can remember. But Disney has ALWAYS been the family favorite. When I was 21, I auditioned to work closely with Mickey, Minnie, and Terk, and had the magical opportunity of spreading joy to guests from all over world.... My husband and I passed our love of Disney on to our sons by taking them to each park at WDW several times a year, experiencing many of the festivals and special events that Disney hosts. My husband and oldest son even ran in the Princess Half Marathon, while my youngest son and I cheered them on from the sidelines! Our family has sailed to the Caribbean and Mexico on Disney Cruise Line, we have gone to Disney’s Aulani in Hawaii and we have visited Scotland with Adventures by Disney. All of this while navigating dietary restrictions for our oldest due a life-threatening food allergy to sesame and severe allergies to tree nuts and peanuts. If you are looking for someone to help you plan the trip of a lifetime, I happen to have a lifetime of experience. Best of all, my services are free!! I will find the best vacation that suits your family’s needs and your budget. From where to sleep to what parks to visit on which day to where to find that famous Dole Whip, I’m here to help you with your personalized vacation with that Platinum Mouse touch. Wait. Did you say Universal??? Yes, I can help plan your Universal vacation too!! Let's start planning some magic!(read more) Request a quote from Bambi
Sarah Tendrup - Vacation Planner with Platinum Mouse

Sarah Tendrup

Vacation Planner
Danielle Treadwell Platinum Mouse vacation planner

Danielle Treadwell

Vacation Planner
Hi! I’m Danielle! Disney has always been a passion of mine. I was fortunate enough to have traveled all through my childhood starting as early as age 3. That is when my love truly began. Now, of course, I don’t have detailed memories of that first trip but I can still remember running through the halls hearing my dad call ”excuse me, Lady!?”, the storybook reading in the evening in the hotel lobby and even when my dad had Minnie gift me with a lion king watch and me thinking I was the most SPECIAL kid in the world.... Through my twenties, there was a period of time I hadn’t traveled to Disney. It wasn’t until my husband and I had our son and decided to take him to Disney for his first trip at just 18 months old that my Disney love was reignited. It brought me back to that little girl, lighting up at the sight of Minnie and running to splash mountain right at rope drop. Watching my son and now daughter experience their Disney firsts is the most magical feeling in the world. A feeling I want to experience every day. I consider myself a Disney expert. I stay up to date on all the latest Disney news and travel to Disney multiple times a year so I have first-hand experience on how to optimize your Disney vacations and make it the most magical experience. Whether you're thinking of going to Disney for your 1st trip or your 10th I would love to be a part of your planning. Let’s make magic happen together!(read more) Request a quote from Danielle
Tina Spieker - Disney Magic Kingdom Park

Tina Spieker 

Vacation Planner
Hi, I'm Tina and I am here for all things Disney! I have been going to Disney World since I was kid.  I quickly converted my husband to love Disney, so much so that he actually proposed in front of the Cinderellas castle. We have 3 kids who all love Disney almost as much as I do. We live in the midwest, but make it down as often as we can. We are those people who pretty much only go to vacation at a Disney theme park! I can't wait to help you plan your magical vacation to Disney with Platinum Mouse. Request a quote from Tina

Ruby Houg

Vacation Planner
Hello! My name is Ruby and I might be a little Disney obsessed! Belle and Repunzel are my favorite princesses. I grew up in Southern California and then I lived in Tampa Florida for 14 years. I know Disneyland and WDW very well. I have four boys that are very passionate about all things Marvel and Star Wars. ( Even our dogs are named Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker 🙂 Not everything is as sweet as churros. We all have Ehlers- Danlos, a connective tissue disorder. I walk with a cane and sometimes a walker. I have Jedi level skills at navigating Disney with special needs kids and adults. (We also have multiple food allergies and diabetes. I also have a brother that is autistic.) Disney is made for everyone, sometimes it just takes a little extra planning. I am very familiar with accessibility for guests with disabilities. I will be available every step of the way. My services are free. I look forward to helping you make your magical dreams come true. To infinity and Beyond! Request a quote from Ruby

Jeff Reynolds

Co-owner / Media Contact

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